Monday, April 20, 2009

One Out of Two

One of the days this weekend was just perfect and gorgeous.
I ran a couple of errands in the morning and one of my stops was Home Depot. I got some bargains on some perennials. I got a carnation plant, a gerber daisy and another flowering plant that I know I don't have but can't remember the name. I also got two tomato plants, one regular size and one cherry size. I got everything planted but the tomatoes. The regular size tomato plant is made for a container. My goal this year with regards to the garden is not to buy anything that I cannot plant within a couple of days.

I only got two cards done. I worked on a baby afghan during most of my crafting time this weekend.

I sent out an application to be in a two day outdoor craft fair on August 1st & 2nd. I also sent in my payment for a craft fair at the local college that I was in last year that will be held in September.

Yesterday it was rainy and miserable and a good day to be in the house. So, we had one good day and one bad day this weekend. Hopefully this coming weekend we will have two good weather days.

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Michelle said...

I LOVE that cupcake paper! I have used it for many a birthday card. I guess great minds think alike!