Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Fine Line Between...

There is definitely a love/hate relationship between sales and accounting. When the economy is good and people are able to sell and make money for themselves and the company then all is good in the world. When the economy is bad and the sales reps are frustrated because no one is buying, then because they can't beat up on the customer or management they beat up on the accounting department. Why didn't the customer pay this on time? Why didn't the vendor get paid on time? Why is my commission only this much....On and on and on.

I was the brunt of the frustration today of a very mild mannered salesperson and my day just didn't start off in the way that I wanted it to. I hope that my sweeter than honey response to their rant resulted in them getting even more pissed off. Fortunately for me, if they responded to my response it would have only made them look like a jerk (since the owners were copied on our e-mail stream). Good thing my hair is in a bun today so that a sample could not be pulled for the voodoo doll that is probably going to be made of me.

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Michelle said...

I'm sorry it was taken out on you. I worked in a call center for a year and got yelled at, sworn at, all the time and it sucks.