Monday, July 27, 2009

A Movie Marathon

So this Saturday I got my errands done and decided to go to the early (cheaper) showing of Harry Potter. I didn't make the 10:55am showing like I had wanted to but luckily for me the theater had the movie showing in more than one room. I made it to the 11:20am showing. I bought my $7.50 ticket and my $3.50 bottle of water and found the perfect seat. I almost had a private showing but just minutes before the movie 5 more people joined me. About 15 minutes into the movie strobe lights started flashing (I thought it was part of the movie, LOL!) and then a warning signal started to go off. Next came a prerecorded message that there was an emergency and to evacuate the theater, don't run, just exit quickly. The entire building emptied out and the fire trucks and police came. The fire-fighters went into the building with hoses and axes and full on gear. We waited outside for somewhere between 15-30 minutes and then all the fire-fighters came out, the manager issued free passes to anyone who showed there ticket stub and we went back to our theater. Of course my "perfect" seat was taken by someone else which only proves that it was the perfect seat, :-) I have read all the Harry Potter books so none of the movies are detailed enough, and this one is really setting the stage for the next two movies. This movie did not have a lot of action and was more of the story-telling leading up to the last book. The last book is so filled with action that it will take two movies to wrap up this series. After watching this movie I cashed in my free movie ticket and went to see "The Ugly Truth". A cute funny chick-flick. I liked this movie and found myself laughing out loud in more than one place.

Yesterday I found myself out in the garden and was astonished at how fast weeds grow. Spent about an hour weeding,transplanted some flowers from the West side of the yard to the East side, filled up the bird and squirrel feeders and then went inside to do my "chores". I finished the book I was reading "sTORI Telling" by Tori Spelling. Cute, fast and entertaining read. Thanks for the book Cindy!! Forgot to grab a book this morning to start so I will have to choose one tonight. Got a couple of cards done for this weekend's craft fair, got one done for a friend and started another for my brother to use for a friend of his. All in all a productive weekend.

Here are two cards that I made years ago that I recently found in a box.

Here is another card that I made years ago and even though it is very simple is still kind of cute.

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