Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Was Bitten

I am not positive of the network, I think that it is the Discovery channel or maybe it's Animal Planet. So far I have seen not quite two episodes of the show "I Was Bitten". OH MY GOSH!!! The people that I have seen by no means should have survived. They are not the same as their pre-bitten selves but the fact that they lived through their bites is astonishing. The first episode that I was only able to watch 1/2 of was the one where a bear bit the head of a man. He survived despite having much of his eye sockets and facial bones crushed. He lives in Alaska and is married with a child. He is blind but all in all he is damn lucky.

Last night's episode was snake bites. Okay, I always thought that the reason you needed to get anti-venom was more for your heart, breathing and nervous system. Well, I was surprised to find out that the anti-venom also combats the digestive effects of the venom. In other words the bite sites were basically being digested while still on the body of the person. The first person was bitten by a snake in Africa. This particular species had no anti-venom developed yet. This man's thumb blew up with a giant blood blister. It was gross, so gross that I turned the channel. The second person was bitten by a rattlesnake and the after effects of his bite was trauma to his entire arm, skin grafts, deformity of the hand and thumb area. Yikers!!!! If you have the stomach, it is an interesting show on how much most of us wish to survive. I know that there are stories of shark bites, spider bites and bee stings. Unfortunately, my stomach can only take this show a little bit or should I say bite at a time. LOL!

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