Tuesday, July 28, 2009

An Odd Sighting While Sitting In Traffic

So, here in Chicago it's either winter and potholes or summer and road construction. I have to take a different way home from work so that I can go make the company's bank deposit. That route takes me approx. 3 miles out of my way so it's a smidge (15-30 minutes)longer than my morning route. Well, last night I found out that the one road that I travel is now under construction. EEEK, Uck, Blah!!!

My commute in construction is not my story. No instead, I pose the question:
Why do people attach things to the front grill of their vehicle? I understand wreaths during the holiday season but I couldn't quite understand yesterday's sighting.

I drive a Pontiac Sunfire, a compact car that sits lower to the ground. Not as cool and sleek and low to the ground as a corvette, but lower to the ground than a say mini van or SUV.

So I'm sitting in bumper to bumper traffic as the lanes are reduced from two to one. I'm playing with the radio looking for a good song when I look up at my rear view mirror. There, just beyond my bumper, even with my spoiler are two doll heads, one blond (dirty from being on the grill throughout all weather and traffic dirt) and one semi faded redhead. They are about the size of an American Girl doll but are NOT American Girl dolls. Now I am really curious because "WHO PUTS DOLL HEADS ON THE GRILL OF THEIR VEHICLE?" I cannot pull up far enough and put enough distance between his mini-van and my car to see if there are bodies attached to the head. I find this both amusing and weird that I have to call my co-worker to see if this strikes her as odd too. While talking to her on the phone I am able to put enough distance between our vehicles to see that there are no clothes on the torsos of these dolls. There is also something in between them but I cannot make it out. As we move further along and more distance is obtained I see that these are not unclothed baby dolls but they are mermaid dolls. They are not topless but have some sort of bikini or shell bra over there breasts very faded so it looks like they are topless (yup these dolls had breasts). The vehicle moves over to the left lane and at that time I am able to see the whole set up. Two mermaids, one blond, one a redhead. In between a stuffed elephant head, complete with tusks.

Okay, is this odd or am I just overreacting? I, like many others drivers out on the road have an antennae topper and I have Mickey Mouse seat covers but I have never thought to tie a stuffed Mickey Mouse to the front of my car.

Another oldie

P.S. I forgot! He had a bobbing head dog on his front dashboard!

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