Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Crunch Time

I hope to have a card to post later today. I have the components cut they just need to be assembled.

I have post to create with a wonderful RAK that I received, these cards are awesome. I need to get my thank you out for that too.

I also have a great Pay It Forward to post and then I must make up my PIF packages and get that post onto the blog for anyone who wants to play.

It's crunch time, my final exam covering Partnerships and Governmental accounting is tomorrow night at 6pm. It will contain 17 multiple choice questions (computational) and 4 problems (one from each chapter). I need a total of 69 points on this test to get a C in the class and be done with this professor. I have taken the day off to spend in the library getting as much practice and knowledge into my head so that I can get a passing grade. One thing I do know, this has been my only exposure to government accounting in all the classes that I have taken toward my accounting degree and this subject should be a class in and of itself. Governmental accounting is VERY different from corporate accounting and it is very hard to "buck the system" that you have been taught in so many of the classes. So many different general ledger accounts to know and I just hope that I don't freak out when it comes to the government questions.

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Flossie's Follies said...

Good luck with the test, sure you will ace it.