Monday, April 21, 2008


I didn't get a chance to play with paper over the weekend. I worked in my yard instead. I cleaned out all the dead stuff from last year that I never bothered to cut back before the first frost. Since many of this year's new growth was fighting to get above the debris I sucked it up and cleaned out all of the West side raised beds and planted some new purchases (3 snapdragons, 2 Martha Washington geraniums, 3 irises).

Here is my chunky monkey Gidget, she didn't help clean anything, she just acted like the killer guard dog that she thinks that she is and protected me from the wayward squirrel.

I planted three new irises in the West side raised bed.

Here are two of the snapdragon plants and one of the Martha Washington geraniums that I picked up at Home Depot.

These next few pics are of the large portion of the West side raised bed. I have irises, dwarf irises, lavender, a rose bush, tulip, hyacinth, and hollyhock. There are two other perennials that I have forgotten the names of those two plants.

Daisy bed before.

Daisy bed after.

Coneflower bed before the spring clean.

Cornflower bed after.


SpAzzGiRL said...

you're gonna have a little sanctuary out there! Man, little Gidget is getting a little plump, she looks so different.

Flossie's Follies said...

You will have to keep us updated as to the progress of your flowers.

Michelle said...

Gidget was supervising!
You sure got lots of yard work done.
My address is 49 Frost Ave...LOL!

elizabeth said...

oh i love your lil arear! and the mickey stuff is so cute :)