Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Last night I worked on the elements for some upcoming cards and started assembly of another card but didn't get any of them finished. SORRY!!!

So, because I have no visual, I will just share another online dating snippit.

The question on the profile questionaire is:

Name three things for which your are most thankful

One of the men that the site matched me with answered the question with:


Most thankful for sex?
Wow, call me a prude but I put family, friends and humor before sex.


Janine said...

Yeah but he's a guy and I am surprised it wasn't first on his list!!

Michelle said...

Guys just think about sex....I am actually surprised he could think of the other 2! LOL!

Greta Adams said...

typical man!!

Deb said...

LOL, I am really enjoying these stories. Sounds like a nightmare, but I hope you meet someone nice eventually and at least he didn't lie!

I AM VERY MARY said...

you prude. prudy prudy prude. HA! What a dork.