Thursday, April 10, 2008

An Observation

I apologize, I don't have a card today but I do have an observation.

Now go ahead and call me a fuddy duddy, an old lady, whatever but after seeing this yesterday I just had to shake my head.

I was leaving school last night at a little after 7pm.

It was probably mid 40's temp wise.

As I was walking to the parking lot there was a girl coming toward me going to the school building. She had on a winter coat, scarf and mittens. I really didn't think it was that cold for the scarf and mittens and then realized why she was wearing them for warmth.


Now call me an idiot but wouldn't putting socks and shoes on have alleviated the being cold problem?

Okay, okay, I know I'm getting old when something this trivial bothers me.

Have a great Thursday!


Paper Propaganda said...

haha, oh i feel kinda bad, i wear flops a lot, and yes, sometimes with snow on the ground! it's not smart, and not at my age! haha

joslyn said...

i find that pretty funny. lol.

Deb said...

I'm with ya, I saw a guy out yesterday wearing no shirt and it was probably 40 and a little girl maybe seven wearing a tank top on the bus. I guess I'm old too, I am always amazed at what the kids at school are wearing and wonder if their parents even look at them before they leave!

Melissa said...

Oh dear! Eventually she'll get it!

Many Blessings,

Jen - a "Spice Angel" said...

well, I thought you were going to say she was wearing a SKIRT!!! hahaha.... we have plenty of ding-dongs here in Hawaii. They wear a sweat shirt because it's a cold day... but bozo is wearing shorts n' slippahs (flip-flops)... haahhaa... I'm glad we're not the only ones with these ding-dongs. Thanks for the laugh today... it went great with my cereal and coffee!!!

Big Hugs n' Aloha,

chelemom said...

I totally agree with you on the flop flop thing! I think people wear them at the silliest now! When it is hot and summertime, that is a different story.....

SpAzzGiRL said...

maybe she just had a pedi?! lol
I was wearing gloves yesterday, it was cold but then again I didn't think last weekend was warm enough for shorts either.