Monday, February 04, 2008

J.U.G.'s Wellness Weekend

This past weekend I went up to East Troy, WI with some of the J.U.G.'s.
The weekend was sponsored by the Y.M.C.A. and was termed a "Woman's Wellness Weekend".
I was not a good photo taker as Bubbles with her trusty tripod captured many group shots and so that we would have a least one shot that came out took two of every pose. In fact my camera spent most of the weekend in my luggage as I really forgot about it.
There was a snowstorm Thursday night into Friday and we were lucky that it stopped right before we needed to head up north. Patti and I rode together and the remainder also carpooled. Rhonda needed to arrive on Saturday so she drove alone.
We had a ton of fun and good laughs. Some of the activities that were offered over the weekend included nature hikes, cross country skiing, cardio class, yoga, pilates, tai chi, cardmaking, wine tasting, movie night, and massages.
It seems that no one made it to movie night as we chose to sit in front of the fire in our lodge and catch up with each other. I don't believe that any of the JUG's that signed up for a massage actually ever made it and gave up their spots to other campers. Mary Anne and I opted for the card making class held at the local scrapbook store. We made six cards from a S.E.I. card kit. I will post those in another post.
Some of the JUG's opted for cross country skiing. Late Saturday afternoon we all reconnected at a quaint wine shoppe in town. I found that all these years that the reason that I didn't care for wine was because I was drinking the wrong one. I hate the dry icky taste left in the mouth from the wines I was drinking and therefore thought that wine wasn't my thing. Well, this weekend I found that there are sweet wines out there that my tongue just loves. I ended up buying six bottles (4 different wines) that I really enjoyed. We deviated from the plan and went to dinner in town and skipped one of the meals offered in our package. The food prepared by the Y was very good but we all wanted a chance to sit and have someone wait on us and choose what we wanted to eat from a menu and take as long as we wanted to finish our meal. I will be getting copies of Bubbles prints and hope to scrapbook this weekend and will post here when that becomes a reality. All in all it was alot of fun and something that we want to do again whether it is back at the YMCA or somewhere else. The next time we need full JUG attendance so plans to organize next year's trip will begin soon so that everyone has a chance to line up baby-sitters and to save their pennies.

This is a shot of the J.U.G.'s up on the balcony area outside of our rooms taken yesterday right before we got ready to leave. The picture quality isn't that great. I am going to try and lighten it up and re-post. From left to right, Bobbi, Cindy, Bubbles, Patti, Mary Anne and Rhonda.

Here is Milton the Moose who hung above the fireplace where we had cocktails on Friday and Saturday nights and deep conversations.

Here is the view from our (Bubbles, Rhonda and myself)bedroom window

Bobbi, Patti and Mary Anne in the foreground.
Rhonda, Cindy and Bubbles in the background.
We took a Sunday morning hike before we went to brunch at 10:30.

Another shot of the hikers

Here is just a shot of the path that we walked. Look at the beauty of the trees.

The hikers.

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