Tuesday, February 12, 2008

One Down

One down and one to go.
We had part one of the two part test last night.
Despite the fact that we didn't have class last week and all of the material that the Professor (The Evil Queen)didn't cover will still be on the test. Yes, we are responsible for learning it ourselves.
This test was worth 50 points.
10 multiple choice questions worth two points each.
1 problem worth 14 points.
1 problem worth 16 points.
The multiple choice were all computational and I think I did okay on those. I am sure that I messed up some but hope to get some of the twenty points.
The first problem I feel pretty confident about and should get a good portion of the 14 points.
The last question I hope I will get partial credit. I couldn't make my balance sheet balance. My assets were not equal to my liabilities and owner's equity. After class when I was discussing the exam with a few of my classmates the reason that I wasn't balancing was because I forgot to plug in goodwill to make it balance. I wanted to kick myself but hope that some of the other work that I did was enough to get me some of the 16 points.
I didn't make any cards last night as I just wanted to veg after the exam. Tonight I will be hitting the books and probably won't have anything new. Maybe I'll take the photos of the other half (the messy side) of the craft cellar. At least I will have something visual for the blog.
Have a good Tuesday, stay warm, and dry.


SpAzzGiRL said...

good luck on part 2.
This is the main reason I can't go back to school...test and homework. lol

Michelle said...

I wish you the best on your exam, Connie!

I AM VERY MARY said...

Wow, I sincerely hope that my students are calling me Professor Evil Queen on their blogs - that's rad!