Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Weekend Cards

These are the cards that were made at the local scrapbooking store on my weekend up in WI with the girls. Mary Anne and I chose this activity on Saturday afternoon. Later that afternoon we connected with the other girls at a wine shoppe about two blocks away for a wine tasting.

Here is a pocket card. The pocket is formed from the side.

Here are the three tab inserts that go into the pocket of the above card.

This card as well as the rest are made with double sided paper. The band on this card wraps around the front of the card and appears on the inside top. The flower is raised up with pop dots and the center is a chipboard circle with a small brad.

This is a window card and the frame around the window is a chipboard piece held onto the card with small brads. The image inside the frame is affixed to the inside of the card.

This is another pocket card. The card opens from the bottom. The polka dot paper at the bottom forms the pocket on the inside.

This card is a folder style and the band with the word on it forms the closure.

Here are the two tabs that go inside the card above.

This is a tri-fold card with a ribbon tie closure.

These all were made from a kit. I believe that the manufacturer is S.E.I.
I purchased some paper from this shop (paper that I hadn't seen in the other stores that I visit) as well as some seals and sealing wax. This was a very cute shop and if I lived closer would be one that I would like to visit again.


Michelle said...

WOW, these are great, Connie! You have been so busy!

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SpAzzGiRL said...

These are cute, love the colors!

Greta said...

damn girl you been busy!!!