Friday, February 01, 2008

Made It To Work

Well I made it to work in just about my average time, it took 40 minutes.
I got stuck in the alley when I left for about 5 minutes.
Seems that my car (Pontiac Sunfire) with the front wheel drive got better traction going in reverse then it did going forward through the deep snow. So I backed up out of the alley to the street and then proceeded forward. Once I was on the secondary streets it was smooth sailing. The parking lot here at work has not been plowed yet so it was a bit iffy and hopefully I will not have a problem getting out to go on my weekend later this afternoon.

Here are two more valentines, I think they are XIV and XV, not real good with the Roman numerals. The birthday card is going out to my nephew, it is belated so hopefully he will forgive me.

Everyone stay warm and dry this weekend and if you are in a snowy climate be careful. Those of you in warm climates, we can make snowmen and you can't, na, na.


Anonymous said...
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Grafxgurl said...

you go girl!
sorry, just liked the way you candidly write!
i was just bloghopping by and it was nice to see a cheery blog post!! come visit me anytime!

Sydney Speel said...

tradelinks ?

L said...

oh i have a good friend who makes her own cards ... she does the card parties. anyway she makes beautiful stuff but i loooove that car on the birthday card thats really awesome looking.

Michelle said...

I LOVE that birthday card!