Friday, February 01, 2008


It is snowing like crazy here in Chicago, so I thought that I would post a picture from my CA trip in December. Nothing like a beautiful bird of paradise flower to cheer up a snowy Friday. I am working from home and listening to The Beach Boys. I will need to get to the office today to wrap up some things before I head up north to WI for the weekend. Seven of the twelve J.U.G.'s are doing a "women's wellness weekend". I have to get up to Cary to meet up with Patti and the two of us will be making the rest of the trip together. I have both my digital and regular cameras with me so I will hopefully have some pics of very relaxed women next week. On my agenda is a card making class, wine tasting (I'll probably get drunk since I really don't drink), yoga and cross country skiing. I have brought some crocheting in case I decide to just be a slug and sit in front of the fire. Either way I'm sure it will be FUN!!!

I will post some cards when I get to the office.

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chelemom said...

How about this snow? It is a snow day today....NO school! YEA!