Sunday, February 04, 2007


Chatter, chatter, chatter.
That's the sound of my teeth this morning as I forced myself out into the deep freeze.
I had to start my car so that it wouldn't freeze, I needed to get gas as I was in the "E" zone and didn't want the gas line to freeze and I wanted to pick up some film from Christmas day to put in a book for my sister Cindy. While I was out and about I drove over to Simone's house to drop off my recipe cards that were 3 days late. I am taking some pics of the page and will post when I finish the roll and get the CD to download the images to the computer. Now that I am back at home, warm and cozy I will not be going out again. With an expected high of ZERO I don't feel a need to be out for any reason. I will even be skipping the 20 mile trip to my sister Jenny's house for SuperBowl!!! I will instead stay home, order pizza and watch the game with Rick and the dogs all from the warm comfort of my lazy-z-boy. So if you have to go out today and live in this area, please bundle up, and get back indoors as soon as possible.

GO BEARS !!!!!!!!!

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