Friday, February 09, 2007


Ah, it is that time of year when I begin to think of my tax return and what will I do with my refund.
I usually take a trip to help in the "see and do something in all 50 states" quest that I started when I turned 40.
I have been to 18 so far plus Washington D.C. (20 if I were to count CA when I was 10 and Virginia when I visited Arlington National cemetery).
I have decided that both California and Virginia have areas that I would like to see so I am keeping my count at 18.
So yesterday I was toying with the idea of Charleston, South Carolina or Providence, Rhode Island. It was during that ponder that I realized that all of my future trips are going to be expensive. Expensive in either dollars or time. I have completed all of the nearby states and will now either have to drive further (time expense) or fly (dollar expense) in order to continue this quest. So I was checking the drive time to Providence and it's about 17-18 hours. If I do it alone that's an overnight stay and a loss of a day. If I fly then that's airfare dollars. My other choice was Charleston, South Carolina and this girl is a spoiled brat because I don't want to stay in some economy hotel when I go there. Nope, this girl wants to stay at the quaint 4 star hotel in the historic district. Either way, I don't think that Uncle Sam has been holding that much of my money that either one of these trips seem feasible this year. Maybe I'll just scrap my photos from last year's Savannah, GA trip and relive the beauty as I scrimp this summer for the kind of trip that I want to take next year.
Maybe I can afford a trip up to Mackinaw Island.
Hmmmm, I'll have to go check that one out.

Stay warm everyone and remember to daydream of the warmer climates.

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SpAzzGiRL said...

I have the 50 state goal as well, why do you think I befriend so many people in other states...LOL.
I am going to New Orleans and Mississippi this summer. Two checked off and I can't wait!