Friday, February 16, 2007

Thursday night TV

So, last night, my favorite night for tv had many interesting things going on.
I watch CSI and tape Grey's Anatomy and watch it Friday mornings before I go to work.

First, on CSI the miniature killer is back and let me tell you that the storyline is quite creepy. The fact that someone in the props department of that show has to make those mini crime scenes is in my opinion a super talent because I have tried sewing Barbie clothes and the small scale drove me NUTS!!

On Grey's Anatomy the storyline with Merideth is odd. Is she going to have conversations with Denny and the Bomb Guy to get the meaning of life. Is Denny going to give her a message to take back to Izzy that he is okay and she should go on with her life? Does the actress have a movie deal and they need to keep her out of the scenes recuperating in a coma? I'm not sure but hope that they don't kill her off because that would just SUCK!

Now, Men in Trees. The best line from Marin to Jack and I have to paraphrase because I don't have the exact words. How is it that you can open your heart to the person who broke it into pieces but couldn't open your heart to the one that only wanted to heal it? Will the cliffhanger be at the wedding where Jack and Lynn are about to get married but Marin stands up and professes her love and tells Jack that he can't marry Lynn? Or will the father of Lynn's baby walk back into her life?

Man, I need to get a life!!!!


diuxilao said...

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SpAzzGiRL said...

I cannot stand the soap opera storyline on Grey's now...come on! But I do enjoy Kyle Chandler coming back from beyond and looking cute as ever. LOL