Thursday, February 01, 2007

It's All In A Name

One of the ways that I get through winter and looking out at my barren planting beds is to go through the garden catalogs. I get many of these and even receive e-mails from many telling me of the super special and the coupon that is ready for me to use.

This morning I opened one of those e-mails and found a very cool looking flower. It looks very much like a petunia (which is a staple in my garden every year for their easy maintenance). So I was a bit perplexed why this online catalog would be selling petunia via mail order since they are so readily available during the planting season. Well I soon discovered that the flowers that I was liking were really not petunias. Instead they were "Lungworts".

I really like the look of this flower but I am having a hard time getting beyond the name.
L-U-N-G-W-O-R-T. It just sounds icky and gross.

I can just see me sharing with my neighbor what I've planted and cringing when I have to say "And over here I've planted my lungwort".

Just a random thing that trampled through my brain this morning.

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