Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Successful Saturday

Yesterday was a good successful day.

The test in International Accounting that I took last week was weighing heavy on my mind when I woke up. In my opinion it was difficult and hard to judge how well I may or may not have done. I momentarily freaked out when I received my graded test because up at the top was a 46!!!! Only after I realized that it was based on a total score of 50 did I begin to breathe normally again. WHEW!!!! So factored on a scale of 100 it was a 92. I like to start the class with a good first test score because as I begin to lose interest as the term progresses I have a fudge factor that I can play with when it comes to the remaining tests.

The day continued to get better as after school I went and did my first demonstration as a Stampin Up demonstrator. My friend Sandy was the hostess and she invited 5 other people and we had fun making a card and a small gift box that we filled with the candy kisses that I brought. I will need boo-ko help from my upline Simone in completing the order entry and such but so far I think any error that I may have made is acceptable. Also, Sandy's sister booked a party to be held in 3 weeks so I have some work cut out for me in preparing new projects for her guests to do at the workshop.

On to the current status of Mr. Big. I have continued to hear from him and as stated in my previous post my head is back in the game. In fact I intend to pick his brain for my upcoming term paper which involves the analysis of the financial statements for PepsiCo. I just can't turn down the potential critique that he can provide before I turn in the paper. This is what he does on a daily basis so why not tap into some free advice. My intention is to carry out this entire process via e-mail. He can download and print the PepsiCo statement online and my paper as I write it will be sent via e-mail. He continues to flirt and talk about a future meeting between the two of us but I keep stating "after he is free".

I look forward to the continued support of my family and friends and hope that they will make sure that my feet remain planted firmly on the ground and that my head remains in control of the game.


Bubbles said...

I can't tell you how much I admire your logic, restraint, and charactar, Connie. and I am so proud of your exemplary academic accomplishments. I think it's a great idea to pick his brain, use his skills, call on his friendship and give him a sense of purpose. I think it's even a better idea to hold to the "when you are free" when he suggests a meeting. It will wash away any doubt in his reasons for initiating the contact with you and it'll make it all the sweeter when it does actaully happen. All good things are worth waiting for. I have always known you are an amazing person, but I am even more impressed with your ability to put things in perpective and stay in control. You have been in my thoughts ... and prayers. You deserve all the best things life has to offer. I hope happiness will come your way in overwhelming bountiful portions.

Crafty Connie said...

Thanks Bubs your support means alot to me.