Monday, February 19, 2007


We had our first test in class on Saturday and mother that puppy was hard. Even with the ability to bring a note card in with some help it sucked. I just hope that everyone else had as hard a time as I did and maybe he will curve the sucker.

I was a good girl and went home after school and did a bit of crafting (crocheting a large afghan for my craft stash) and some pleasure reading (I was able to read a bit of the book I started about a month ago and haven't picked it up since).

I also watched some DIY tv and my particular favorite was the Mission Organization show that ran two episodes back to back. They always come into a place that looks cluttered like mine and make it wonderful. Most of the time they make the owner get rid of a ton of stuff so: family, DO NOT try and get me on that show cuz I ain't parting with my craft and sewing supplies.

I did learn something very valuable. I stopped receiving the paper at my house. In fact I rarely buy a paper because I never have the time to read it and it just ends up in the recycle bin. My co-worker Sharon does get the paper and she brings me the craft coupon from Michael's and Jo Ann Fabrics every week. Well this past week she either forgot or didn't get a paper. Either way, she didn't bring me a coupon and I didn't feel an obligation to go shopping to use that coupon, hence the reason that I went home after school. I realized that if I had the coupons I probably would have gone shopping. How sick is that? I need to curb my coupon/shopping addiction, I feel the need to use the coupon because, well, I'm getting money off of the price. I am going to make a concentrated effort to not bring anything new into the house until I get rid of something else. That goes for food too, I won't bring groceries into the house until I clean out the refrigerator first. We may never eat again, LOL, just kidding!

Speaking of cleaning out the refrigerator, how many of you have husbands, kids, brothers (as is my case) that will open a new jar (peanut butter, jelly, mayo) and not throw out the old one cuz there is a bit left but they don't want to be bothered with the whole scraping the bottom and the sides? This is one of Rick's bad habits and sometimes it drives me crazy. It would be interesting it see if it is a guy trait or just a let someone else do the scraping of the bottom trait.

Oh, I have been making great progress on the organization of the craft space but the black hole returned this weekend when I couldn't find my paper crimper. I know I own one, in fact I own a couple of different designed ones and they are together but they have all fallen into the black hole. I know this black hole syndrome is the reason that I have multiples of the same supply. Man, will I be happy when everything is organized. I know that I will be spending more time tonight searching the black hole for the paper crimpers. Wish me luck!

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SpAzzGiRL said...

I have one if you need to borrow a crimper and I even know where it is...Shock!
I wish I had someone in the house to eat our leftovers, I hate leftovers.