Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Bummer, I am under the weather and feeling funky.
Sunday morning I woke up feeling fine but after eating breakfast (made up of the leftovers from the previous night) I began to feel sick.
I had plans to meet Simone at Archiver's and was popping antacids in the hopes that I would feel better.
I met Simone (and I hope that I did not pass any germs to her or Max) and after a few hours of Simone being productive and me just sitting like a blob we left for home.
When I got home I got a migraine and the stomach funk came back even worse.
I ended up with the stomach flu and was home yesterday.
I still don't feel great but I am here at work and plugging along and know that I will get back in my jammies when I get home this evening.
Of all the flu illnesses I hate the stomach more than the upper respiratory.
Hope everyone else is taking care of themselves and staying healthy.

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