Friday, February 23, 2007

Riding a Roller Coaster

Wow, the last 36 hours have been one giant roller coaster ride. Since receiving that first e-mail from Mr. Big (I am going to use this pseudonym from Sex & The City)we have exchanged a total of 43 e-mails and had a 1-1/2 hour phone conversation. I am happy to say that my friend Bubbles has managed to get my head back into the game and I am back to thinking like an adult and not the 17 year old teenager that I was yesterday. The thrill of this whole thing has been wonderful and I haven't felt giddy and carefree in so many years. I thank my heart for taking me back there but I know that for the time being until many things are resolved that my head needs to be the one calling the shots.

To recap: I did ask the dreaded are you married question. The response I got danced around the question and I full out accused him of tap dancing and was persistent until I got a truthful answer.


According to him things are not going well and in a short while he will be leaving.

Like I said, yesterday the teenager with the heart was all giddy and jumpy inside thinking that could my first true love soon be available? Well the head has taken control and there are many issues that need to be resolved before I will allow my heart into this game again. So, I just wanted to update that the saga is not done and perhaps the heart once more will be allowed to jump freely with excitement but right now with no divorce paper in hand and children involved I have come to my senses and hope to keep my perspective.


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SpAzzGiRL said...

Scum!! it like I see it.
Married man flirting it up with a foxy chick like yourself...Scum!

10 Foot Pole Connie...10 Foot Pole...That's all I'm sayin'

Bubbles said...

Enjoy the ride ... but don't get out of the car. It's good to catch up; Awesome to have the flutter; Good to be there for a friend. I love your conservative, logical and cautious approach. Bobbi cautions that he could have contacted you to spite his wife. You are the only woman who challenged his dedication to her. He's having a tough time. what better way to "get her goat" than to contact "her one true rival." Her other suggestion" he's having a tough time. He needs a lift. He was well aware that you loved him unconditionally and would have given anything to be with him. He desperately needs an ego boost and a comforting shoulder now. Have fun, Bask in this, feel the lighthearted slap happy feeling but keep that guard up. Do not allow yourself to be put in the position to devastate you. Remember You have great friends and family who love you!!