Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Well, my packages from Stampin Up arrived yesterday and it was like Christmas morning.
Even though I have a TON of stamping supplies getting new ones is always a thrill.
I love the new crisp catalogs and mini catalogs.
Going through each of the new treasures was such a good time as I pictured projects in my mind.
I had to be good though and stop before I got too caught up in it as I had to read my textbook for a test on Saturday. But tonight, I plan to mount some of the new stamp sets so that I can begin to experiment with them.
I'll be sending one out to CA for my sister Cindy as she has some people that crop during their lunch break at her vet clinic.
Simone my upline gave me a great tip the last time I saw her.
After the stamps are mounted, lightly sand the rubber with sandpaper to remove the non stick coating that is applied when the rubber is poured in the mold. Very good tip and one that I will pass on to all of the people who place orders with me.

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